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Introduction to the principles of evolution as a foundation for understanding topics such as adaptation, physiology, and ecology. Focuses on areas of biology that encompass important political, economic, social, and philosophical issues. Examines perspectives on currently relevant and biologically-based topics such as evolution/scientific creationism, sociobiology, biotechnology, right to life issues, animal rights, AIDS and other epidemics, and overpopulation.

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Key Information

Credit: 4 quarter units / 2.67 semester units credit
UC Santa Barbara, Ecology, Evolution & Marine Biology

Course Credit:

Upon successful completion, all online courses offered through cross-enrollment provide UC unit credit. Some courses are approved for GE, major preparation and/or, major credit or can be used as a substitute for a course at your campus.

If "unit credit" is listed by your campus, consult your department, academic adviser or Student Affairs division to inquire about the petition process for more than unit credit for the course.

UC Berkeley:
Unit Credit

UC Davis:
Unit Credit

UC Irvine:
General Education: II - Science and Technology

UC Los Angeles:
General Education: Life Sciences (non-lab)

UC Merced:
Course Equivalence: UCM BIO 005
Units toward degree (see your adviser)

UC Riverside:
General Education: BIOL Elective units

UC San Diego:
General Education: Warren - May be counted depending on major/PofC; Sixth - Analytic Methodologies; ERC - 1 Natural Science; TMC 1 course toward lower division, disciplinary breadth if noncontiguous to major, Seventh - 1 course towards Alternatives - Natural Sciences and Engineering; Muir: 1 course in a Natural Science theme in "Biological Sciences"

UC San Francisco:
Unit Credit

UC Santa Barbara:
General Education: L&S Area C (Science, Math and Technology)
Major Preparation: Meets degree requirement for preparation in the major of Environmental Studies Bachelor of Arts 
Major Requirement: Environmental Studies Bachelor of Arts
Not open for credit toward graduation to students who have completed Natural Science 1C, or EEMB 20, or MCDB 20, or MCDB 1A-1AL, or EEMB 2-2L, or MCDB 1B-BL, or EEMB 3-3L.

UC Santa Cruz:
Unit Credit

Course Fees

Additional fee for the online proctoring service, currently $14.75 per examination. *Due to COVID-19, the service fee for proctoring services will be waived for SP21.

Course Creator

Thomas Even
Research includes: population and community ecology, river ecology, predator-prey interactions, science education. Research includes: population and community ecology, river ecology, predator-prey interactions, science education.
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