Course Description


Consideration of metabolic pathways including mechanisms and regulation of catabolism, anabolism, and bioenergetics in living organisms.

Key Information

Credit: 4 quarter units / 2.67 semester units credit
UC Riverside, Biochemistry

Course Credit:

UC Berkeley:
Unit Credit

UC Davis:
Unit Credit

UC Irvine:
Unit Credit

UC Los Angeles:
Unit Credit

UC Merced:
Course Equivalence: BCH 110A and BCH 110B equivalent to UCM BIO 101

UC Riverside:
Unit Credit

UC San Diego:
Course Equivalence: UCSD BIBC 102
General Education: TMC 1 course toward upper division disciplinary breadth if noncontiguous to major; ERC - 1 natural science

UC San Francisco:
Unit Credit

UC Santa Barbara:
Unit Credit

UC Santa Cruz:
Unit Credit

Course Creator

Stephanie Dingwall
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