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Designed for engineering and physical sciences students. Covers topics in mechanics and thermodynamics including elasticity; oscillations; gravitation; fluids; mechanical waves and sound; temperature, heat, and the laws of thermodynamics; and the kinetic theory of gases. Laboratories provide exercises illustrating the experimental foundations of physical principles and selected applications. Credit is awarded for only one of PHYS 040B or PHYS 040HB.

Key Information

Credit: 5 quarter units / 3.33 semester units credit
UC Riverside, Physics and Astronomy

Course Credit:

Upon successful completion, all online courses offered through cross-enrollment provide UC unit credit. Some courses are approved for GE, major preparation and/or, major credit or can be used as a substitute for a course at your campus.
If "unit credit" is listed by your campus, consult your department, academic adviser or Student Affairs division to inquire about the petition process for more than unit credit for the course.

UC Berkeley:

UC Davis:

UC Irvine:

UC Los Angeles:
General Education: GE-Physical Science non-lab.

UC Merced:

UC Riverside:

UC San Diego:
Course Equivalence: UCSD PHYS 2C
General Education: Revelle - Physics or one course towards Natural Science; Warren - May be counted depending on major/PofC; Sixth -1 course towards Analytic Methodologies;  Seventh - 1 course towards Alternatives - Natural Sciences and Engineering

UC San Francisco:

UC Santa Barbara:
General Education: Possible Area C after petition

UC Santa Cruz:


MATH 009C or MATH 09HC (may be taken concurrently); PHYS 040A or PHYS 040HA with a grade of 'C-' or better.

Course Creators

Boerge Hemmerling
Brian Siana
Laura Sales
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