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Introduction to Digital Logic Laboratory, EECS 31L

Introduction to common digital integrated circuits: gates, memory circuits, MSI components. Operating characteristics, specifications, applications. Design of simple combinational and sequential digital systems (arithmetic processors game-playing machines). Construction and debugging techniques using hardware description languages and CAD tools.

Key Information

Credit: 3 quarter units / 2 semester units credit
UC Irvine, Electrical Engineering & Computer Science

Course Credit:

Upon successful completion, all online courses offered through cross-enrollment provide UC unit credit. Some courses are approved for GE, major preparation and/or, major credit or can be used as a substitute for a course at your campus.

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UC Berkeley:
Unit Credit

UC Davis:
Unit Credit

UC Irvine:
Unit Credit

UC Los Angeles:
Unit Credit

UC Merced:
Unit Credit (see your Academic Advisor)

UC Riverside:
Course Equivalence: UCI EECS 31 + EECS 31L Equivalent to: UCR EE/CS 120A

UC San Diego:
Course Equivalence: UCSD CSE 140

UC San Francisco:
Unit Credit

UC Santa Barbara:
Unit Credit

UC Santa Cruz:


EECS 31 and (EECS 10 or EECS 12 or I&C SCI 32)

Course Creator

Quoc-Viet Dang
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