Course Description


An introduction to the study of the economic system from the micro, or individual decision-maker's, perspective. Includes the study of opportunity cost, markets, consumption, production, and competition. Credit is awarded for one of the following ECON 003 or ECON 003H.

Key Information

Credit: 5 quarter units / 3.33 semester units credit
UC Riverside, Economics

Course Credit:

Upon successful completion, all online courses offered through cross-enrollment provide UC unit credit. Some courses are approved for GE, major preparation and/or, major credit or can be used as a substitute for a course at your campus.

If "unit credit" is listed by your campus, consult your department, academic adviser or Student Affairs division to inquire about the petition process for more than unit credit for the course.

UC Berkeley:
Unit Credit

UC Davis:
Unit Credit

UC Irvine:
Course Equivalence: ECON 20A
General Education: III: Social & Behavioral Sciences

UC Los Angeles:
Unit Credit

UC Merced:
Unit Credit (see your Academic Advisor)

UC Riverside:
Unit Credit

UC San Diego:
General Education: Revelle - 1 Social Science; Seventh - 1 course towards Alternatives - Social Sciences; TMC 1 course toward lower division disciplinary breadth if noncontiguous to major;                                    

UC San Francisco:
Unit Credit

UC Santa Barbara:
Unit Credit

UC Santa Cruz:
Unit Credit

Course Creator

Joab Corey
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