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5 Units, Lecture, 3 hours; discussion, 1 hour; individual study, 3 hours; extra reading, 1 hour; term paper, 2 hours; written work, 1 hour; research, 1 hour. Introduction to the relationship between gender and sustainability in global context. Draws on science, political ecology, and feminism as analytical lenses. Topics may include gender mainstreaming, economic development, ethics, ecology, population management, water treatment, sanitation, air quality, renewable energy, agriculture, political participation, community development, global capitalism, and environmental health.

Key Information

Credit: 5 quarter units / 3.33 semester units credit
UC Riverside, Gender and Sexuality Studies

Course Credit:

Upon successful completion, all online courses offered through cross-enrollment provide UC unit credit. Some courses are approved for GE, major preparation and/or, major credit or can be used as a substitute for a course at your campus.

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UC Berkeley:
Unit Credit

UC Davis:
Unit Credit

UC Irvine:
Unit Credit

UC Los Angeles:
General Education: GE-Social Analysis

UC Merced:
units toward degree (see your adviser)

UC Riverside:
Major Requirement: requirement for Sustainability Studies Majors/Minors

UC San Diego:
General Education: Revelle - 1 Social Science; TMC 1 course toward lower division disciplinary breadth if noncontiguous to major; Sixth - 1 course Social Analysis

UC San Francisco:
Unit Credit

UC Santa Barbara:
Unit Credit

UC Santa Cruz:
Unit Credit

Course Creators

Chikako Takeshita
Juliann Allison
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