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Implementation Science: Applied Case Studies, PBHLTH W225B

This course provides hands-on experience for students to apply their learnings from “PH W225A Introduction to Applied Implementation Science” to global policy contexts. It has been designed to provide practical exposure to the world of Implementation Science, by employing the models and frameworks discussed in the introductory module to diverse public health programs around the world.

PLEASE NOTE: The modified instruction dates for this course are Mar 04 2024 - Apr 28 2024. 

All Graduate & Undergraduate students are welcome to enroll. Please note you may register for BOTH PBHLTH W225A and PBHTLH W225B. PBHLTH W225A is a prerequisite for W225B.

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Credit: 1.5 quarter units / 1 semester units credit
UC Berkeley, School of Public Health

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Students need to have taken PBHLTH W225A: Introduction to Applied Implementation Science or demonstrate substantial prior experience in the field of implementation science research and/or practice

More About The Course

Course Objectives: Adapt evidence to different geographical and cultural contexts
Analyze and streamline scientific evidence
Assess potential costs and benefits of introducing and implementing an intervention
Design an implementation methodology while accounting for local constraints
Identify potential challenges in implementation success and failures
Measure the impact of an intervention on select predetermined health outcomes
Optimize resources and manage stakeholders to effective run programs

Course Creator

Stefano Bertozzi
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