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Course CodeCourse TitleHost CampusCourse CreatorTerm(s) Offered
CHEM 008CORGANIC CHEMISTRYUC RiversideRichard Hooley
Matthew Casselman
No scheduled offerings
UPPP 115Global Poverty and Inequality
  Videofor Global Poverty and Inequality
UC IrvineRichard Matthew
Ruth Gyllenhammer
Spring 2020
Spring 2021
Spring 2022
Elaine Wong
No scheduled offerings
EDUC 051INTRO HGHR ED:CRNT ISS/DBTSUC RiversideRaquel RallNo scheduled offerings
BIO SCI 97GeneticsUC IrvineRahul Warrior
Frank Laski
No scheduled offerings
ARABIC 1CFundamentals of ArabicUC IrvineRaheela ManiarNo scheduled offerings
MATH 1APre-CalculusUC IrvineRachel Cohen Lehman
Sarah Eichhorn
Fall 2016
PHYSCI 121Physiological Science 121: Disease Mechanisms and Therapies
  Videofor Physiological Science 121: Disease Mechanisms and Therapies
UC Los AngelesR.H. CrosbieFall 2018
Winter 2021
Spring 2021
EECS 22Advanced C ProgrammingUC IrvineQuoc-Viet DangFall 2018
Winter 2020
Winter 2021
EECS 22LSoftware Engineering in CUC IrvineQuoc-Viet DangNo scheduled offerings