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Course CodeCourse TitleHost CampusCourse CreatorTerm(s) Offered
MATH 1APre-CalculusUC IrvineSarah Eichhorn
Rachel Cohen Lehman
Fall 2016
EDUC W144Practicum in Education
  Videofor Practicum in Education
UC BerkeleyCharles Underwood
Erin Murphy-Graham
Fall 2021
Fall 2022
Spring 2023
EE 155Power System AnalysisUC Riverside Fall 2017
EE 155POWER SYSTEM ANALYSISUC Riverside No scheduled offerings
GEOG 141APopulation GeographyUC Santa BarbaraDavid Lopez-CarrNo scheduled offerings
MUSC 80PPopular Music in the United States
  Videofor Popular Music in the United States
UC Santa CruzBenjamin CarsonWinter 2019
Spring 2020
Fall 2020
POSC 182GPOLITICS AND ECONOMIC POLICYUC RiversideNoel Pereyra-JohnstonNo scheduled offerings
POL SCI 60Political Science 60: Ethics and GovernanceUC Los AngelesS. LohmannSpring 2020
Spring 2021
Spring 2023
POL SCI 115DPolitical Science 115D: Diversity, Disagreement, and DemocracyUC Los AngelesS. LohmannSpring 2020
Spring 2021
Spring 2023
EDUC 150POLICY & LEGAL ISSUES IN ICAUC RiversideEdward ComeauxSpring 2020
Spring 2021
Spring 2023