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Course CodeCourse TitleHost CampusCourse CreatorTerm(s) Offered
ECN 001AVPrinciples of MicroeconomicsUC DavisDerek Stimel
Janine Wilson
Spring 2021
Spring 2022
Winter 2023
VMB 101VPrinciples of Pharmacology & Toxicology
  Videofor Principles of Pharmacology & Toxicology
UC DavisHeidi Kucera
Birgit Puschner
Fall 2018
Fall 2020
Fall 2021
PUBHLTH 1Principles of Public Health
  Videofor Principles of Public Health
UC IrvineTheodore Gideonse
Zuzana Bic
Spring 2022
Winter 2023
Spring 2023
EDUC 010PRINCPLS OF LEARNING STRATGIESUC RiversideCatherine LussierWinter 2022
Spring 2022
Spring 2023
CSE 107Probability and Statistics for EngineersUC Santa CruzJose Garcia-Luna-AcevesNo scheduled offerings
PSYC 011PSYC METHDS:STATISTCL PROCEDRSUC RiversideAnnie DittaNo scheduled offerings
PSYC 012PSYCHLGCL MTHDS:RESRCH PRCEDRSUC RiversideJohn FranchakSpring 2023
PSYCH 162Psychology 162: Psychology of AddictionUC Los AngelesL.A. RaySpring 2022
Fall 2022
Spring 2023
CAT 125RPub Rhet & Prac Comm Online
  Videofor Pub Rhet & Prac Comm Online
UC San DiegoAlexandra Sartor
Elizabeth Losh
Winter 2016
Fall 2016
Winter 2017
TFDP 050SPUBLIC SPEAKINGUC RiversideAnnika SpeerFall 2022
Winter 2023
Spring 2023