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Course CodeCourse TitleHost CampusCourse CreatorTerm(s) Offered
COMPSCI 61BLData Structures and Programming MethodologyUC BerkeleyJohn DeNero
Joshua Hug
No scheduled offerings
EDUC W161Digital Learning Environments
  Videofor Digital Learning Environments
UC BerkeleyZachary PardosSpring 2021
Spring 2022
Spring 2024
UC BerkeleyGreg NiemeyerFall 2018
ENVECON 7Disaster Risk Resilience and AdaptationUC BerkeleyAnna Serra-Llobet
David Zilberman
Spring 2023
Spring 2024
DUTCH 100Dutch for Reading KnowledgeUC BerkeleyEsmee van der HoevenFall 2022
Fall 2024
EDUC W164Early Childhood Policy - Children, Contexts, and Politics in Diverse SocietiesUC BerkeleyBruce Fuller
Kirsten Joie Ignacio
Spring 2022
Spring 2023
Spring 2024
EDUC W165Early Learning Environments for Diverse LearnersUC BerkeleyBruce FullerSpring 2020
Spring 2021
NAT RES C101Edible Education: The Rise and Future of the Food MovementUC BerkeleyKeith GillessNo scheduled offerings
EDUC W142Education in a Global World
  Videofor Education in a Global World
UC BerkeleyErin Murphy-GrahamFall 2019
Spring 2017
Spring 2021
GLOBAL C129Education in a Global WorldUC BerkeleyErin Murphy-GrahamFall 2021
Fall 2022