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Course CodeCourse TitleHost CampusCourse CreatorTerm(s) Offered
EART 3Geology of National Parks
  Videofor Geology of National Parks
UC Santa CruzDavid Osleger
Susan Schwartz
Jeffrey Gee
Spring 2019
Winter 2021
Winter 2022
UC RiversideDavid Oglesby
Lisa Grant Ludwig
Corrie Neighbors
Spring 2017
Spring 2021
Spring 2022
SIO 16Geology of the National Parks
  Videofor Geology of the National Parks
UC San DiegoDavid Osleger
Susan Schwartz
Jeffrey Gee
No scheduled offerings
AFRICAM 10AIntermediate SwahiliUC BerkeleyDavid Kyeu
Sam Mchombo
Fall 2020
Fall 2021
Fall 2022
ENGRMAE 195Climate SolutionsUC IrvineDavid Feldman
Scott Samuelsen
No scheduled offerings
UPPP 100Climate SolutionsUC IrvineDavid FeldmanNo scheduled offerings
EARTHSS 100Climate SolutionsUC IrvineDavid Feldman
Susan Davis
No scheduled offerings
GEOG 141APopulation GeographyUC Santa BarbaraDavid Lopez-CarrNo scheduled offerings
AFRICAM 10BIntermediate SwahiliUC BerkeleyDavid KyeuSpring 2022
AFRICAM 11BElementary SwahiliUC BerkeleyDavid KyeuSpring 2022