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Course CodeCourse TitleHost CampusCourse CreatorTerm(s) Offered
I&C SCI 5Global Disruption and Information TechnologyUC IrvineWilliam M. Tomlinson
Bonnie Nardi
Donald Patterson
Winter 2020
Fall 2020
Fall 2021
PUBHLTH 174Global Health EthicsUC IrvineOladele Ogunseitan
Homero del Pino
Winter 2020
Winter 2021
Winter 2022
PUBHLTH 177Global Health Policy and DiplomacyUC IrvineOladele OgunseitanWinter 2021
Winter 2022
UPPP 115Global Poverty and Inequality
  Videofor Global Poverty and Inequality
UC IrvineRichard Matthew
Ruth Gyllenhammer
Spring 2019
Spring 2020
Spring 2021
SOCECOL 189Global Service Scholars Advanced SeminarUC IrvineNancy GuerraSpring 2020
Winter 2021
PUBHLTH 173Health and Global Environmental ChangeUC IrvineMiryha RunnerstromNo scheduled offerings
PSCI 110DInfant DevelopmentUC IrvineAngela LukowskiFall 2020
Fall 2021
MGMT 131AIntermediate Accounting IUC IrvineJulie Flaiz-WindhamWinter 2021
MGMT 131BIntermediate Accounting IIUC Irvine Spring 2021
MGMT 128International ManagementUC IrvineMary C. GillyWinter 2021
Spring 2021