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Course CodeCourse TitleHost CampusCourse CreatorTerm(s) Offered
CELTIC 15Elementary Modern IrishUC BerkeleyMatthew SheltonFall 2023
AFRICAM 11BElementary SwahiliUC BerkeleyDavid KyeuSpring 2022
Spring 2023
Spring 2024
AFRICAM 11AElementary SwahiliUC BerkeleyDavid Kyeu
Sam Mchombo
Fall 2022
Fall 2023
Fall 2024
YIDDISH 101Elementary YiddishUC BerkeleyAlec BurkoSpring 2022
YIDDISH 101AElementary YiddishUC BerkeleyAlec BurkoFall 2023
Fall 2024
CIVENG 93Engineering Data AnalysisUC BerkeleyMark Hansen
Mark Stacey
No scheduled offerings
EDUC W141Exploring Digital PedagogyUC BerkeleyChristyna Serrano
Glynda Hull
Fall 2018
Spring 2022
LDARCH 119Flood Risk ManagementUC BerkeleyAnna Serra-Llobet
G Mathias Kondolf
Spring 2023
Spring 2024
LDARCH 229Flood Risk ManagementUC BerkeleyG Mathias KondolfNo scheduled offerings
PSYCH 1General Psychology
  Videofor General Psychology
UC BerkeleyAnn KringFall 2024
Spring 2023
Spring 2024