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Course CodeCourse TitleHost CampusCourse CreatorTerm(s) Offered
LING 80KInvented Languages, from Elvish to Esperanto
  Videofor Invented Languages, from Elvish to Esperanto
UC Santa CruzPranav AnandSpring 2021
Spring 2022
Spring 2023
LING 53Semantics IUC Santa CruzJess Law
Pranav Anand
No scheduled offerings
LING 1Linguistics 1: Introduction to Study of Language
  Videofor Linguistics 1: Introduction to Study of Language
UC Los AngelesW.H. TorrenceSpring 2022
Spring 2023
Spring 2024
LIFESCI 15Life Sciences 15: Life: Concepts and IssuesUC Los AngelesFrank Laski
J.P. Phelan
Winter 2021
LIFESCI 4GeneticsUC Los AngelesFrank LaskiNo scheduled offerings
LDARCH 229Flood Risk ManagementUC BerkeleyG Mathias KondolfNo scheduled offerings
LDARCH 119Flood Risk ManagementUC BerkeleyAnna Serra-Llobet
G Mathias Kondolf
Spring 2023
Spring 2024
LALS 90Contemporary BrazilUC Santa CruzPatricia PinhoWinter 2023
LALS 75Art and Social Change in Latin America: Diego RiveraUC Santa CruzGreg LandauNo scheduled offerings
LALS 15Truth, Justice, and StatisticsUC Santa CruzCarlos Martinez
Catherine Ramirez
No scheduled offerings