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Course CodeCourse TitleHost CampusCourse CreatorTerm(s) Offered
BCH 015INTRO BIOCHEMISTRY LABORATORYUC RiversideStephanie DingwallNo scheduled offerings
EEMB 2LLINTRO BIO LAB IIUC Santa BarbaraAlice Nguyen
Thomas Even
No scheduled offerings
CSE 6RIntr/CompSci&Obj-Ori:PythonUC San DiegoLeonard Porter
Niema Moshiri
Spring 2022
Spring 2023
Winter 2024
CMN 003VInterpersonal Communication Competence
  Videofor Interpersonal Communication Competence
UC DavisHeather Hether
Jeanette Ruiz
John Theobald
Winter 2022
Winter 2023
Winter 2024
MGMT 128International ManagementUC IrvineMary C. GillySpring 2022
Spring 2023
Winter 2021
I A STD M8BInternational and Area Studies M8B: Elementary TigrinyaUC Los AngelesA.K. AdhanomSpring 2024
I A STD M8AInternational and Area Studies M8A: Elementary TigrinyaUC Los AngelesA.K. AdhanomFall 2023
Winter 2024
I A STD M7CInternational and Area Studies M7C: Elementary YorubaUC Los AngelesA. Apter
M.B. Adegbola
Spring 2022
Spring 2023
Spring 2024
I A STD M7BInternational and Area Studies M7B: Elementary YorubaUC Los AngelesM.B. AdegbolaWinter 2022
Winter 2023
Winter 2024
I A STD M7AInternational and Area Studies M7A: Elementary YorubaUC Los AngelesM.B. AdegbolaFall 2021
Fall 2022
Fall 2023