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Course CodeCourse TitleHost CampusCourse CreatorTerm(s) Offered
LING 80KInvented Languages, from Elvish to Esperanto
  Videofor Invented Languages, from Elvish to Esperanto
UC Santa CruzPranav AnandSpring 2021
Spring 2022
Spring 2023
CRWN 91Marketing for GoodUC Santa CruzNada MiljkovicNo scheduled offerings
HIS 60Medical and Scientific Terminology
  Videofor Medical and Scientific Terminology
UC Santa CruzCharles Hedrick
Jennifer Lynn
Winter 2017
Winter 2018
Winter 2019
THEA 80CMonstersUC Santa CruzMichael ChemersFall 2024
Winter 2024
HAVC 142MMuseum ExhibitionsUC Santa CruzElisabeth CameronSpring 2022
Spring 2023
COWL 52Personal Finance and Investing
  Videofor Personal Finance and Investing
UC Santa CruzPatricia KellyWinter 2021
Winter 2022
Winter 2023
MUSC 80PPopular Music in the United States
  Videofor Popular Music in the United States
UC Santa CruzBenjamin CarsonFall 2020
Spring 2020
Winter 2019
CSE 107Probability and Statistics for EngineersUC Santa CruzJose Garcia-Luna-AcevesNo scheduled offerings
WRIT 2-37Rhetoric and Inquiry
  Videofor Rhetoric and Inquiry
UC Santa CruzLené Whitley-PutzWinter 2016
WRIT 2Rhetoric and Inquiry
  Videofor Rhetoric and Inquiry
UC Santa CruzAnthony BreakspearSpring 2022
Winter 2020
Winter 2021