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Course CodeCourse TitleHost CampusCourse CreatorTerm(s) Offered
GEL 025VGeology of National Parks
  Videofor Geology of National Parks
UC DavisJeffrey Gee
David Osleger
Susan Schwartz
Spring 2016
GEOG 7Geography 7: Introduction to Geographic Information Systems
  Videofor Geography 7: Introduction to Geographic Information Systems
UC Los AngelesS.N. Burkhart
M.E. Shin
Winter 2022
Spring 2022
Fall 2022
GEOG 168Geography 168: Intermediate Geographic Information Systems
  Videofor Geography 168: Intermediate Geographic Information Systems
UC Los AngelesM.E. ShinSpring 2018
Winter 2019
Winter 2020
GEOG 167Geography 167: CartographyUC Los AngelesM.E. ShinNo scheduled offerings
LIFESCI 4GeneticsUC Los AngelesFrank LaskiNo scheduled offerings
BIO SCI 97GeneticsUC IrvineFrank Laski
Rahul Warrior
No scheduled offerings
PSYCH W1General Psychology
  Videofor General Psychology
UC BerkeleyChristopher Gade
John F. Kihlstrom
Spring 2021
Fall 2021
Spring 2022
PSYCH 1General Psychology
  Videofor General Psychology
UC BerkeleyJohn F. Kihlstrom
Christopher Gade
No scheduled offerings
PHYS 002AGENERAL PHYSICSUC RiversideRichard Seto
Robert Clare
Jory Yarmoff
Michael G. Anderson
Nathaniel Gabor
Ward Beyermann
No scheduled offerings
PHYS 002BGENERAL PHYSICSUC RiversideJory Yarmoff
Richard Seto
Nathaniel Gabor
Ward Beyermann
Robert Clare
Michael G. Anderson
No scheduled offerings