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Course CodeCourse TitleHost CampusCourse CreatorTerm(s) Offered
ASAMST 20ACAsian American Communities and Race Relations
  Videofor Asian American Communities and Race Relations
UC BerkeleyHarvey DongFall 2022
Fall 2023
ARTHI W6RROME THE GAMEUC Santa BarbaraChristian Thomas
Claudia Moser
Fall 2024
ART W23ACData Arts
  Videofor Data Arts
UC BerkeleyGreg NiemeyerSpring 2016
UC BerkeleyGreg NiemeyerFall 2018
ART 80TDigital Tools for Contemporary Art PracticeUC Santa CruzAnn Altstatt
Jennifer Parker
Kathleen Deck
Kristen Gillette
Winter 2022
Winter 2023
Winter 2024
ART 80EEnvironmental Art in the Expanded Field
  Videofor Environmental Art in the Expanded Field
UC Santa CruzElizabeth StephensSpring 2021
Winter 2020
Winter 2022
ART 20LIntroduction to Drawing
  Videofor Introduction to Drawing
UC Santa CruzGrant WhippleFall 2019
Spring 2020
ART 9AVisual Culture: Media, Art, and TechnologyUC IrvineDavid TrendFall 2024
ART 8Changing CreativityUC IrvineDavid TrendWinter 2023
Winter 2024
ARMENIA 102AArmenian 102A: Intermediate Modern Western ArmenianUC Los AngelesH. KouloujianFall 2020